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Table of contents:

ScummC: A Scumm Compiler

What is it ?

ScummC is a set of tools to create SCUMM adventure games, allowing to create 100% free games that run on the popular ScummVM engine.

The ScummC suite comprises editors and compilers to combine images, costumes, background boxes, fonts, sounds and game code to complete adventure games.

ScummC takes a developer's approach: most of the tools are commandline-based, the build process uses UNIX makefiles, source files are plain text, and the ScummC programming language is modeled after C (hence the name).

Current status

ScummC version 0.2.0 has been released as of 12-Apr-2008. The newly added demo game OpenQuest is now playable in ScummVM. Both releases are available for download.

Most of the features offered by SCUMM v6 are now supported, and it is possible to build small, but fully playable SCUMM games. However, there is still a lot to do: improve the language, better document SCUMM and ScummC, increase tool usability, improve the v7 support, finish the debugger, etc.

Help of fellow developers, SCUMM experts and the larger adventure community is much appreciated.


For source and binary downloads, see the ScummC Releases and Git Repository page.


For a quick peek, screenshots of tools and sample games are available on the ScummC Screenshots page.


Up to now, version 6 of SCUMM was targeted, mainly because of its good support in ScummVM at the time ScummC started. However, this engine is quite limited, particulary in terms of graphics. There is now an initital v7 support and v8 should hopefully follow some day.

For the TODO list see ScummC TODO.

Mailing list

Thanks to Gna! there is now a ScummC mailing list, see the mailing lists page.

The lists can also be used via the Gmane interface, we are in the gmane.games.devel.scumm.scummc group.


ScummC itself doesn't have much documentation currently, but that's changing a bit:

For this project, some documentation of the SCUMM engine is needed. There are some docs available but they're very limited. So along the path I'm keeping notes on nearly everything I find out about the engine. Nearly all the information I have has come from the ScummVM code.


Patches are always welcome, make sure they follow the guidelines and post them as attachements to the scummc-general list, gzip them only if they are really big (i.e. several 100KB).

Reference http://alban.dotsec.net/Projects/ScummCAScummCompiler

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