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Table of contents:

php edna


php edna is a port of edna to PHP. However it became a bit different with time. The most noticable features compared to the original edna are:

  • XHTML 1.1 Strict compliant output with UTF-8 charset.
  • Support for custom themes via css.
  • Can both play and enqueue using different mime type.
  • Tarball generation of songs and/or directories for easy download.

The current (and only) release is php-edna-0.1.
The developement version is in the svn repository: https://dotsec.net/repos/php-edna
Their is also the web interface: https://dotsec.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/php-edna


A demo a avaible: http://alban.dotsec.net/php-edna-demo

This demo doesn't contain any real mp3, all files are 0 sized. The tarball download will also return a 0 sized file.


  • Create a directory for the css files and copy them there.
  • Edit the script to set the path to you mp3s, etc.
  • Copy it somewhere on your webserver.

Configuring your browser

As said above in php edna there are also links to enqueue songs, however for these to work your browser have to support mime-types and be configured correctly.

The normal play links return a "standard" audio/x-scpls mime type and return a .pls file with a name in .pls. That last point is important as many audio player need the correct extension :( The enqueue links return a custom mime type: audio/x-scpls-queue. But again the returned file is named in .pls, otherwise many players won't work.

So you have to configure your browser to handle these mime types correctly. Be warned that most browser still insist a lot on using the extensions :((

Configuring Firefox (or Mozilla)

  • You can't pass any extra parameter to the external applications in firefox, so you need a script that will call your audio player with the right parameters for enqueue. A script is provided for xmms users.
  • If you don't alredy have the audio/x-scpls mime type registered click on a play link and register it.
  • Edit your mimeTypes.rdf file (in your firefox settings directory). That file is quiet complex and important for many plugins so you probably want to make a backup first. Look for something like this and change the "pls" in "" to disable extension matching.
  <RDF:Description RDF:about="urn:mimetype:audio/x-scpls"
    <NC:handlerProp RDF:resource="urn:mimetype:handler:audio/x-scpls"/>
  • Restart firefox and check that play links still work. Then click a enqueue link and register the mime type to use your enqueue script.
  • Exit firefox and edit mimeTypes.rdf again to disable extension matching for the audio/x-scpls-queue mime type.

Other browsers

See the docs of your browser.


This software was written by Alban Bedel and is released under the GPL.

Reference http://alban.dotsec.net/Projects/PhpEdna

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