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ScummC Releases and Git Repository

Current ScummC release

  • Download: 0.2.0 - 12-Apr-2008 17:30

After 3 years, it's finally out! The first free SCUMM compiler!

This download provides the source code for the ScummC suite, which comprises various tools to view, edit and compile game resources to produce complete SCUMM games. The sources of sample games are included.

Windows users will have to install MinGW or Cygwin. There will be a tutorial on Getting started with ScummC on Windows.

Precompiled binaries for Win32. Note that you will need GTK+ and FreeType to use some of the tools. Precompiled versions of GTK+ can be optained from the Gnome FTP site.

Since the build process for compiling ScummC games is based on makefiles, you will also need a UNIX-like environment (like MinGW or Cygwin). The makefiles do not yet work correctly on Windows, so we appeal to all Windows users to help us fix them.

OpenQuest game

  • Download: 0.1.0 - 12-Apr-2008 18:00

OpenQuest is a very short, yet non-trivial game telling the story of two little blue aliens trying to retrieve a lost artifact.

This version is a ScummC port of the AGS game of the same name. The game was completely rewritten in ScummC, reusing the original graphics and dialogue. Thanks to the port, you can now play OpenQuest in ScummVM.

While the game is fully playable and completable, many bugfixes and improvements are pending, and the help of SCUMM experts and adventure developers is still welcome.

Note that the sources of this game are also included in the ScummC release.


The current development branch is available on our Subversion repository: https://dotsec.net/repos/scummc

The code can also be browsed from the web interface at https://dotsec.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/scummc/

Older releases

A simple repack of 0.1.2 with a missing file added.

  • 0.1.2 - 17-Oct-2004 21:00

Released just a few days after 0.1.1, this release adds the box editor, an important tool to create rooms.

  • 0.1.1 - 14-Oct-2004 02:00

The very first release :)

Reference http://alban.dotsec.net/Projects/ScummCReleasesAndGitRepository

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